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e◆at. Tim Dunca●n notched 25 points◆ and 17 rebound〓s in the game. Manu ■Ginobili sco●red 23 points, an■d Tony Parker had 1〓6 points an〓d 8 assists.■ San Antonio beat D〓allas 102-88 to ●level the series 1-1○.Olympic Softba〓ll Roundup: Japan w

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i●ns, U.S. stunne◆d, hope existsBE◆IJING, Aug. 21 (Xin●hua) -- Japanese ○boyish pitch●er Ueno Yu●kiko led the nati●onal team to win th●e Olympic softball● gold, bea〓ting the three-tim◆e Olympic champio●ns the United Sta◆tes 3-1

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in t●he final he■re on Thursday.The ●26-year-old■ ace pitcher ●worked sev■en complet■e innings, stri●king out fiv●e batters a○nd allowing● five hits.O●n the morning, the t○eam had an ea○rly encounter with ■American ladie〓s during semi-f